Terms and Conditions

T E R M S  &  C O N D I T I O N S 

New accounts are subject to approval. For credit applications, customers should submit a Sunlite
credit application, and allow two weeks for processing. We will notify you accordingly.

Net 30 days subject to credit approval. All past due invoices are subject to a 2.5% interest charge
per month the invoice remains unpaid. C.O.D. A check must be presented to the courier upon delivery
of all C.O.D. shipments. All C.O.D. fees are the responsibility of the customer. Drop shipment
service is not available on C.O.D. orders.

There is a $100 minimum order. Orders under $100 will be charged a $10 small order charge.

Special order is non-returnable and non-refundable. Ones the order is confirmed, a special cannot be
canceled. Please take note of items that are special order.

Claims for Shortage or shipments must be claimed within 24 hours of receipt of the order. We regret
we cannot issue credit for merchandise that has been damaged in transit. The responsibility of such
damage(s) shall be taken by the carrier.

We will do our best to add to an existing order. However, if it’s not possible, we will treat it as
a new order and must comply with all terms of a new order.

Backorder will be shipped as soon as possible. If the customer has a “NO BACKORDER POLICY,” it must
be communicated at the time the order is placed. If the original order is subject to freight
allowance, and the backorder falls below minimum freight allowed, the back order shipment may be
subject to freight charges.

We will try to comply with your request to cancel an order. However, we can’t be responsible for
cancellations. Canceling an order may be subject to a restocking charge, depending on the status of
the order in our system.

We provide convenient FREE delivery in local N.Y. Tri-State area and in South Florida. Make sure you
check with our Customer Service department to see if your business falls within the local delivery
area and if your order amount reaches the minimum level. A service charge will be applied to
shipments delivered to a destination other than the customer’s physical location for orders less
than $350. Any additional fees (e.g., handling the charge, re-delivery charge, etc…), are at the
sole responsibility of the ordering customer.

All shipments are FOB Brooklyn, NY or Lauderhill, FL. Full freight is allowed on orders totaling
$1,300.00 or more for product delivering east of the Mississippi, and $1,500.00 for orders
delivering west of the Mississippi, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Porto Rico. * Freight charges
which were originally allowed, may be added to an outstanding invoice that is not paid within its
allowed terms (usually 30 days). The freight allowance EXCLUDES any oversized boxes that are greater
than four feet (i.e. 5ft. fluorescent lamps, fixtures, etc...)

Freight allowed policy only applies to orders sold at STANDARD DISTRIBUTOR NET pricing. Any
discounted orders will void any freight allowed. Any exceptions will be at the sole discretion of
Sunshine Lighting Handling Fees: For all FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other express services shipped on
customer’s account or 3rd party accounts, each order is subject to as much as a $6.50 handling
charge per box based on dimensional weight.

All packages are packed with great care using the best packing methods available. If damages occur
in transit, “DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT.” It will cause unnecessary shipping expenses and delays in
your order. File a claim with the courier for the loss or damage. The courier is responsible for
breakage during transit. We will try to assist you in collecting your claims for loss or damage.

All damages or shortages must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Returns will not be accepted
without a written RMA (Return merchandise authorization).No returns will be allowed for Special
Orders, Non-Stocked M.T.O. (made to order). All merchandise is to be returned in the original
packaging and is in excellent condition for resale. Credits will be issued once we complete an
inspection of returned merchandise.

Defective non-LED items will be replaced up to 6 months from
the time of purchase, and a valid purchase order or number to reference Sunshine Lighting
reserves the right to refuse non-confirmed RMA.’s

Restocking fees & Time frame 15% - 25% restocking fee may apply for returns within 30 days, depending on the condition of the merchandise.
Restocking fees do not include truck pick-up

30% - 40% restocking fee will apply for returns
after 30 days. The restocking fee does not include truck pick-up.

No returns after 60 days
without authorization from Management, there will also be up to a 50% restocking fee.

Prices are subject to change without any notice.

Due to the rapid advancement of LED technology, specifications and product images are subject to
change without notice.

We are not responsible for any typographical errors.

All sizes and measurements are in inches, except where specified. Actual product sizes may vary.