88197-SU | A19/LED/PGL/9W

Sunlite A19/LED/PGL/9W LED 9W A19 Grow Plant Light Bulbs, Medium (E26) Base

Sunlite's plant growth light bulbs come in many shapes and sizes. From A-Type bulbs, reflector lamps, tube lights, and many more. Cast the necessary light needed for indoor vegetation maintenance while keeping electrical costs as low as possible with Sunlite's LED plant grow lights.

  • This Plant Growth A19 LED Bulb Lasts An Astounding 15000 Hours On Averages, While Out Performing Both Incandescent And Fluorescent Bulbs In Performance And Saved Energy
  • Considerably Lower Electricity Usage By Replacing Any Incandescent Bulb Or Fluorescent Bulb With Sunlite's LED A19 Lamp That Only Consumes 9 Watts Of Energy
  • This Specialty Light Bulb Generates A Dome Of Red And Blue Spectrum Light While Utilizing A Medium (E26) Base
  • High-Quality, UL Listed A-Type Bulb Ideal For Humid Locations Such As An Greenhouse Or A Indoor Home Garden
  • Emitts A Low Heat Output While Being Completely Free Of Unhealthy Chemicals Such As Mercury