80485-SU | CHIMNEY/LED/FS/12W/D/22K

Sunlite LED Vintage Chimney 12W (100W Equivalent) Light Bulb Mogul (E39) Base, Warm White

Sunlite LED lamps are extremely energy efficient and will greatly reduce your energy costs. these lamps can last up to 30000 hours making them virtually maintenance free. They contain no mercury elements and do not release any hazardous gasses so there no need to worry in case a bulb breaks and no need for any special recycling as with cfls. With their high efficiency, their low wattage does not mean you lose out on brightness. This 120 volts, 12 watt chimney features a mogul e39 base, produces a stunning warm white light at 1200 lumens, and can fit right into your living room or into the most cutting edge, state of the art, lighting design project. This Bulb comes with a with medium E26 adapter.

  • 12W 120 Volt Dimmable Energy Saving Chimney Lamp, Clear Glass Finish
  • This 1200 lumen 85 CRI glowing bulb makes a great 100W incandescent replacement lamp
  • With an average bulb life of 30000 hours reducing frequency of changing the light bulb
  • Save on electricity bill from lighting, costs of maintenance all while still enjoying the traditional retro look
  • Perfect light distribution with wall sconces, chandeliers, pendents, and ceiling fixtures with medium e26 base