30159-SU | F25T8/SP865

Sunlite F25T8/SP865/30PK 25 Watt T8 High Performance Straight Tube Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base, 6500K Daylight, 30 Pack

Sunlite fluorescent 25 watt 6500k daylight T8 high performance straight tube features a medium bi-pin g13 base, provides a light output of 2300 lumens at a color rendering index (cri) of 83 and can last an average of, 20000 hours. These lamp utilize a single and double coat phosphor system.  series lamps have an increased cri due to the use of  tri-phosphors (rare earth phosphors). tri-phosphors also increase the lumens/watt output of  the lamp.  These series lamps offer superior quality of  lighting, increased energy efficiencies, and extend life.

  • 25 Watt, Case of 30 Lamp
  • T8 Light Bulb, Produces a spectacular Daylight Light at 6500K
  • Simply remove and replace current bulbs
  • Works with linear fluorescent rapid & instant start fixtures
  • Ideal solution for commercial, industrial, sign, and display applications