03740-SU | F32T8

Sunlite 32 Watt T8 Black Light Straight Tube, Medium Bi-Pin Base, Black Light Blue

Fluorescent 32 watt black light blue T8 straight tube features a medium bi-pin base, and can last an average of, 20,000 hours. A Blacklight Blue lamp is essentially the same as a standard Blacklight but the glass is designed to filter out visible light. Used by psychedelic shops for lighting fluorescent posters, displays, etc.  In bars and restaurants, the Blacklight Blue is used where only fluorescent material in clothing and objects, most white clothing, teeth, and whites of the eye, are desired for effect.  Often used by the theatre to achieve a similar effect.  Additional industrial uses would be inspection.

  • 32 Watts T8 bulb
  • 20000 hours average lamp life
  • Black Light Blue Color, Medium Bi-Pin Base